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Today is going to be a “Flashback Friday”.  This session with my son and our spunky dog Lacey was shot last Spring (notice the dandelions), but for unknown reasons, I never featured it on the blog.  Well, today is the day.  I loved this session, because it had me in fits of laughter (as usual) and also moments of complete frustration (not so usual).  The fact that it features my son, and our spirited dog, is icing on the cake.  The concept was simple.  My son was to pretend to have some flowers for sale (because let’s face it, who really wants to buy a dandelion?), and the dog was to be enlisted as his helper.  Simple concept, right?   Well, let me tell you our story of Flowers 4 Sale….

flowers 4 sale

The wonderful thing about love, is that love is unconditional.  This is especially evident in the love between me and my dog (the third child).  Even with a few dog treats in my son’s pocket, I could not get the dog to focus on the event – the sale of fresh flowers.  She would see me and charge through the grass to give me love.  I even think she managed to lick the lens a few times.

We maintained hope that she would could be molded into a great assistant.  We bundled a bouquet of fresh dandelions and hoped for the best….

this is one of my all-time favorite shots…

Finally!  We created a sales assistant…and a Norman Rockwell inspired portrait…

The downside to this photo session, is that we created a dandelion snacker out of our dog…can’t you just see the guilt?

And that’s the end.

Love is in the air!  And not because it is February 14, but  because I have once again fallen in love with the children on the other side of my camera.  But how could I not fall in love?  Look at them…they have the brightest blue eyes I have ever seen, some serious style with a sporty mohawk and two perfect curls (the simple fact that there are only two curls to love, is just too much), and their wonderfully curious, adventurous spirit!   This pair was a joy to photograph and I couldn’t find a better way to say Happy Valentine’s Day than through sharing these images of two wonderful cutie pies!  Enjoy!

cherub babe & mohawk tot

Thank you for looking and I hope everyone has love in their heart this Valentine’s Day.

The adventure for this session was a fun trip to the beautiful Bellewood Acres apple orchards.  If you haven’t been to Bellewood Acres, you must make the trip!  More importantly, you must contact me to schedule your session there, as portraits in the orchard are truly magical!   The great staff at Bellewood Acres are in full swing making everything ‘apple’ very cool.  You’ll find home-baked apple pies, the best caramel apples, delicious apple cider, pony rides, fields of sunflowers, wonderful items at the gift shop and you can even go for a jaunt in a golf cart.  It’s so much fun, your kids will get their daily dose of fruit while eating desert!  The owners at Bellewood Acres are wonderful, they didn’t even make strange comments when they saw me crammed under an apple tree for a few of these shots.

Well I don’t know any 3 and 5 year old kids who would choose to get their pictures taken over picking apples from a tree and playing in the meadow, so we set out to pick apples where I could casually get my portraits while they were hard at play (doesn’t that sound fun?).  Apple picking started with a quick lesson from the experts.  Apples were then tested by our culinary experts, and the consensus was that everyone loved Bellewood’s juicy apples.  By the end of the session, I had a bounty of apples to redeem back at the store and now my family has been enjoying them in salads, sauteed with butter and sugar and served on dutch baby pancakes, and of course dipping them in Bellewood’s famous caramel sauce!

So not only was the location magical,  but these kids were also a delight!  It was so much fun to experience the orchard through their eyes, as they wrapped themselves completely in the moment.  I even spared cleaning up their faces in a few of these shots, as it appears they may have been eating not only the apples, but also the dirt!  Someday soon, when all three are away at school, and the walls inside the home no longer echo the patter of their busy feet, their mom and dad will have these wonderful memories and will thank me for not pulling out my handy wipes and wiping away the memories.

I leave you with these images to view, a little moment in time captured, to pull at your heart as they do mine.

adventures & apples

Thanks for looking, and enjoy your day!