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A beautiful, Bellingham, fall family session to share…(say that 10 times fast!)…

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At the start of the year I took a little hiatus from shooting photography.  It wasn’t scheduled or planned.  It was a spontaneous break.  I had a moment of realization that I needed to do it.  I needed to turn away from the online photography forums, and on a whim, I removed myself from my favorite online forum and also a few Facebook photography groups.  I shut down Photoshop and Lightroom and a breathed a happy sigh of relief.  However, hours after quickly severing those ties on that sunny January afternoon, I found myself sobbing in my car, feeling broken hearted.  I was already missing my friends, an online group of ladies who share this passion of mine, and already feeling like I was saying goodbye to a part of my past.  But I knew I needed something different for myself.  I knew that I HAD to step away.  In doing so, I also vowed to step away from critiquing other photographer’s work (because photographers are a tight knit community and we are often asking each other for critique of our work and always willing to help each other out).  I was finding that I was seeing negative first, noticing the little things that should be different in a photo, in order for a photo to be perfect.  And I was realizing that perfection is overrated.  In trying to be perfect, I found I was losing site of myself as an artist, seeing the negative first, and finding that my style was becoming lost in this sea of photos that are constantly flowing through the internet.  I knew that I needed change.

Just before I shut down the photography forums, and stepped away, I chanced upon a wonderful blog post written by the extra-ordinary Diana Palmer of Yan Photography.  Her blog post went viral.  It was called “Sick of It” (you should read it if you haven’t already).  Her predicament struck a cord with me and I fell in love with her attitude and her confident voice.  I dove deep into reading her heart-felt blog.  What I didn’t realize then, is that this one blog post would lay the foundation of my journey for the next 5 months.  I learned that Yan was shooting film and was part of a growing number of photographers who were still shooting film, and joining them were other photographers also turning back to film.  I was intrigued.  I loved film photography as a kid.  I loved winding to the next frame and waiting for the roll to be developed.  I was more than intrigued, I was beginning to find my direction again!  This was the start of a new path of self discovery.  I picked up a film camera at a local camera shop.  I began reading book after book on the subject, falling more in love each day with the unique beauty of portraits on film.  I started to buy film and I broke my ‘no internet’ pact and found a group of film photographers dedicated to helping others starting out.  I was hooked!  I was happy to slow down and enjoy photography again.  Shooting film forces you to slow down, there is no LCD on the back of the camera and each frame costs money.  And then you have to wait patiently to see the fruit of your labors.

It’s this wonderful and patient process of learning about film, shooting film and waiting for film to be developed where this blog post picks up.  In April, I was excited to meet up with Becky, an Arlington photographer, also shooting film.  I drove down to meet her and spend the afternoon talking about photography, film, metering and shooting.  I brought my digital camera along too (because I haven’t yet gained enough confidence in this new journey to shoot film exclusively and I wanted to be able to fall back on my digital images, just in case) and had a great afternoon shooting Becky’s adorable family.  Those scans FINALLY arrived last night and it’s an understatement to say that my heart was racing with anticipation as I opened my e-mail and began downloading the image files.

For me, embracing film is embracing a more organic side of photography where grain is beautiful and skin isn’t souped into model perfection and pores actually exist on skin.  While embracing film I have found that I am also embracing the imperfect photo, where motion blur shows life and the photography is about the moment.  A real moment without a head swapped in Photoshop to create the perfect combination.  I feel alive again.

Here it is, my first kind-sorta-portrait session mostly on film, and I am absolutely wearing my heart on my sleeve by sharing these here.  Details | Nikon F5 with Kodak Portra 160 and Fuji 400H | Nikon Digital.

hello film

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P.S.  Doesn’t Becky have the absolutely COOLEST camera?

Miss “S” was such a sport for this session.  30 minutes into the session it started to SNOW!  Tiny white snowflakes were falling all around us.  And I can’t lie, it was very cold!  But we wrapped her scarf tighter, took a break in the warm car for a clothing change and some heat, and danced and jumped to stay warm.  I adore this girl.  She is witty, fun and has a spunky attitude.  So when I asked her to dance and sing a Justin Bieber song, she looked at me like I was from another planet.   Really?  I hadn’t met a 9 year old girl yet, who didn’t swoon over Justin Bieber.  Well maybe he isn’t her ‘thing’, I reasoned.

On the way to this session, I had stopped at the mini mart for a pack of bubble gum.  Original Flavor Bubble Yum actually.  I remember being 9, and thinking Bubble Yum was the best treat, and thinking there was nothing better than blowing BIG bubbles.  Big, PINK bubbles!  I used to look in the mirror and watch as they grew bigger, bigger, bigger, and POP!  And it always made me laugh.  Why is it that a popping bubble always makes a person laugh?

So while she was laying in the grass and blowing bubbles, and laughing that genuine 9-year old laugh, tiny white snowflakes were falling magically around us.  It was a cold and beautiful day and we had a blast.  Here are a few pictures from our bubble gum and snowflake session….

bubble gum & snowflakes

If only it had been ‘snowing’ bubble gum!  what a fun day that would be!

…and then she sang Justin Bieber all the way back to the car.  Go figure.

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