When my mom came up for a visit this past mother’s day weekend, I told her that I wanted to shoot a photo session with her, just her. Somehow I presented this as my gift TO her (which makes no sense to me now), but really these photos are the priceless gift she is giving me, my sisters, my dad and her 6 grandchildren (who will all be surprised when they see these pictures because we’ve been keeping our session a secret until this reveal). This is my mom. She is the most generous, caring, loving, thoughtful, funny, and sincere person I know. I feel truly blessed to have her as a role model for being a mom. I have her smile. She has my heart. I love you mom.
Family Photographer Bellingham WashingtonAmericanaPortraits_04AmericanaPortraits_03AmericanaPortraits_02AmericanaPortraits_05AmericanaPortraits_07AmericanaPortraits_08AmericanaPortraits_09AmericanaPortraits_11AmericanaPortraits_10AmericanaPortraits_12AmericanaPortraits_13
(These images were shot on a combination of cameras…the Nikon F6 and the Mamiya C220f on a mix of Portra 400 and Portra 160 films. Scans by Citizens Photo, Portland, Oregon.)

I am excited to feature this session for our 3rd month of the Film Mama Blog Circle. We are a group of film-loving photographers who have decided to share an all film blog post on the 20th of each month. You can complete the chain of blogs by visiting the next photographer in the circle, Max Grey with Grace Photography from Long Island, New York. You can see her images for our May blog circle by clicking HERE.

Americana Portraits



P.S. Dear Mom, thank you for obliging your photography-and-camera-obsessive daughter with this session and hiking the rocks while we hauled my gear! I enjoyed our day…from helping you primp your hair, picking out your beautiful peony, hiking the park was a blast (I loved your genuine concern for me while you continually thought I would fall backwards off a cliff) and treating you to lunch afterwards was a great way to end the afternoon. You are the best!


  • Carrie Geddie

    Yes, definitely a gift to you! I wish I was in to photography when my mom was still alive – would have done the same – LOVE THESE!!

  • oh my word, what a gorgeous session! she is so beautiful and you captured her so well. Every frame is precious and lovely.

  • jackie

    Kristin, these are beautiful! such a wonderful idea and pictures you both will treasure!

  • These are beautiful!

  • christina

    sweet mama!! happy mother’s day!!!

  • Rhonda

    Kris, these are really beautiful shots of my lovely Aunt. She is priceless, and I especially love those sassy shots of her hand on the hip! Love you both!!

  • These are wonderful and your mom is BEAUTIFUL! You have some good genes there!

  • This is so beautiful. I really need to get my mom in front of my camera soon!

  • These are PERFECT. What a beautiful mother you have.

  • Kerri

    Oh Kris, your best work yet! You captured mom so beautifully. Just how she is! I love these photos beyond words! Thank you for the awesome surprise!!!!

  • Holy cow, truly beautiful! I need to do this with my mom!

  • These are so so beautiful!! I wish my mum would let me take photos of her – she runs a mile at the sight of a camera :-(

  • what a beautiful gift to your mother & your family!

  • Your mom is beautiful!! It’s so sweet to capture those we love

  • Nicole

    Kristin, these are so gorgeous! What an amazing gift to you and your entire family…your mom is beautiful! (Of course my mother would never in a million trillion years let me photographer her…) I seriously had tears in my eyes by the end, they are so stunning!

  • Lovely! What a great gift, for you and her.

  • WOW! I was just thinking I need to do something like this with my mother, so you have really inspired me to get on it. What an absolutely wonderful set of images for your family to cherish! I really love the close up of her hands and the closer one of her wrapped in a blanket looking off. Really really nice!

  • Cheryl Shoff

    Thanks for the fun time. What is so special to me, with these pictures, I can “picture you” on the other side “taking the picture” The day is forever with me I must add that I wish my eyes were not so squinty as you wanted me to be able to keep them as wide as they were when I got frightened with the scared look, when you got what I thought was too close to the edge of the cliff. Wish my eyes could have stayed open like that for you, without looking frightened!

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