Americana Portraits features images by professional photographer Kristin Hemenway from Bellingham, Washington. Kristin works as a civil engineer by day and has been working in various capacities of professional photography since 2008. After many years working as a family portrait photographer, Kristin’s focus shifted to follow her heart capturing the diverse world of landscape, documentary and still life photography.

Kristin has had a nearly life-long love for photography rooting from time spent as the subject on the other side of both her dad and grandpa’s lens. Living in Kodiak, Alaska during the summer of 1978 was a summer spent exploring and embracing photography alongside her role models.

Kristin’s body of work is shot mostly with film cameras; including the Rolleiflex 2.8F, Nikon F6, Mamiya 645 Pro TL, Mamiya C220f, Lomo LC-A+ and Pentax 6×7. Working with film, Kristin has embodied a love for the old-school, nostalgic, yet classic look of film photography. Film images are lovely with a wonderful look of grain and velvety color. Each image in the gallery is taken with careful consideration for the film stock and film camera. Both are selected with as much care and thought as a painter selects his paints and brushes. The camera and film stock work together to create the vision Kristin has for each image.

Kristin shares her life with her husband of almost 25 years, two teenage boys and a quirky dog, a yellow labrador named Lacey. Kristin’s adventures with her family takes her across Washington; from exploring the Puget Sound, ice-fishing in Central Washington and camping along the shores of Lake Roosevelt in Eastern Washington. Life is an adventure, and Kristin always travels with a camera (or two!).

Americana Portraits

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